Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Halfway There!

Technically I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow but I figure, tomato tomato.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Adventures and stuff

A whole week has passed since James's last Spring Break. The weather was nice and we had some visitors: his sister, Candice, and her family. Hutch had Spring Break that week as well so we all spent the day together.

We flew a PIRATE SHIP kite:

Granted, it took a while to get it in the air. The wind and the kite construction sort of conspired against us. We put it together incorrectly and then the wind died down once we fixed the kite.

This past week I took a solo trip to K Town because James needed to work in the lab on his project.  I needed a haircut (it had been six MONTHS) and I really like my Kaysville hairdresser.  The other reasons are this kid:
and this kid:

We celebrated his first birthday, a little early, but when they live far away you take what you can get. Parker was so funny when he was eating his cake. He just played with the frosting and then he stuck his face in and licked.  SO CUTE!

I headed back home the next day and the weather was glorious.  72 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon? Wonderful.

My quest for maternity clothes has continued. James and I found a cute pair of jeans at Old Navy that I am going to alter into maternity jeans. They are really comfortable!  I just need to remember to bring my sewing machine home.  (It's okay, right, Mom? You are finished with it?)  I have continued to be frustrated with maternity tops.  Some of my regular shirts are fine but I don't know how much longer that will be the case.   I found some really cute tops and of course they are expensive. Here is one:
 And another:
 And another:
I guess I could make them. It'll be nice to have a few projects to work on while James is at school.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stupid maternity clothes

I went maternity shopping this week with James. He is a saint to even volunteer because I am not that much fun when I am shopping.  I came to the sad conclusion this past Sunday that my church clothes are quickly becoming too small. As of now I have two stretchy dresses and one shirt dress that will still fit. This is a far cry from the usual amount, especially when you factor in skirts (none of those have fit since January.)  We went all over town and tried to find either a skirt or a dress so I could have some more options.  We didn't find anything. I was so frustrated. (Part of this frustration was also due to the fact that my shoes had rubbed a few of my toes raw.  I need to get some of those little socks that hide in flats. Anyway...)

We went home and I started looking on-line for any deals I could find.  I finally got some luck on the Gap's website. They had a few skirts on sale including a gray pencil skirt with a stretchy waistband.  I figure that the bottom of the skirt looks like one I would wear anyway and my style hasn't changed now that I'm pregnant. I ordered it Monday evening and on a beautiful Thursday afternoon (today) it arrived! I little ironing later and I am very excited to wear it to church on Sunday.

Next time we're south I'll hit up Forever 21, Old Navy and Target.  I don't know how fast my stomach will grow, I'm still in my pre-pregnancy jeans at 18 weeks so we'll see. Granted, they were purchased this past summer. If I bought them the summer before they wouldn't fit now, not even close.

20 days until our ultrasound!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being crafty

I've made some tiny baby shoes this weekend.Three pairs to be exact. It's nice to make stuff and be creative. That's about all for this week.

Oh yeah, our anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for April 4th. I am VERY excited. As is James.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


One side effect of pregnancy that I did not expect was my nail growth. I swear I just barely trimmed them and they are too long, again.

I will explain...
For most of my life I have had short nails. Painfully short nails. Generally, I pick my nails out of nervousness and anxiety. During my last semester of grad school, wait, scratch that, ALL of grad school, they were consistently short. I think I forced myself to leave them alone the summer we got married but...

We went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. It was James' first time hearing our baby's heartbeat. It was nice and strong. We scheduled our anatomy ultrasound for April 4th, four weeks from yesterday. I'll be 21 weeks so hopefully we'll find out if our little sprout is a girl or a boy. I think it's a girl.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

16 1/2 weeks

I gave in and took a bump picture, its not much but here it is: