Monday, March 25, 2013


I currently have over 1,000 pictures and videos on my iPhone. I really need to back them up on our computer! Too bad our computer is in boxes right now and not hooked up. For the time being I'll post pictures to my blog and hope for the best.

During the brief lull of warm weather I took Mina outside to swing in the backyard.  She wasn't too sure about it at first but I think she enjoys it now.  Hopefully she will figure out that swinging is really fun.

There was an Easter Bonnet contest at Farmington Station a couple of Saturdays ago so I made a bonnet for Mina.  James carried Mina around while we looked at the "festivities."  She even kept her sunglasses on for a while!

We went to Spanish Fork for my cousin Nate's homecoming.  This is a picture of my Grandpa Arbuckle giving Mina a horsey ride after church.
Mina also got a lot of love from my cousins, especially Meg.

Mina is figuring things out, she is almost able to pull herself up in her crib.  Our baby is growing up too fast!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

7 Months Old!

Mina reached her 7 month milestone on Monday.  It is frightening how fast the time has flown by!
We don't have stats for this month because her next well child check up isn't until she is 9 months old.
The stats we DO know:
Diaper: Size 2

Clothes: She doesn't have a whole lot of 3-6 month clothes so most are 6 month.  They fit great through the arm but they are kind of baggy in the body! She's growing, slowly but surely. I finally packed away most of her 3 month clothes, I think there might be a few pieces lingering in her drawers.

Sleep: She usually gets up once to eat after going to bed at 8 PM.  Lately her middle of the night feeding has been around 3 AM.  She falls back to sleep pretty fast after that and gets up for the day around 8 AM. Naps haven't been as predictable.  She usually takes one in the morning, one after lunch and then another in the afternoon. 

Eating: I wish I could say she eats solids twice a day and she loves them but I can't.  We're still working on the concept of solids.  We keep trying and she keeps fighting.  It's amazing how tight she closes her lips when I spoon comes near!

Noises: She babbles so much! James claims she says "dada" and I have to agree.  It does sound like she says dada.  But, today it sounded like she said "mamma" which was amazing. I'm excited to see how she progresses towards words.

Teeth: She still drools like an old faucet but no teeth that we can see or feel.

Skills: She is getting better about pushing up on her arms when she is on her stomach. Maybe she won't skip crawling (we were a little concerned.) Mina seems to handle tipping over better than she used to, there are less tears now.  She is growing up so fast!

 And now, a plethora of pictures of Mina in her Easter dress.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life with Mina (LOTS of pictures!)

Sometimes it is hard to believe that Mina is almost seven months old. She is such a challenging joy and I have learned so much as I take care of her. Our days are usually filled with reading books, eating, sleeping, jumping (LOTS of jumping!) and other kinds of play.  This week we rode the Frontrunner twice, I painted our toe nails and I made Mina's Easter dress. It was a really nice week!

Mina is making progress to standing up in her crib.  Luckily she is a ways away because she can't pull herself into a sitting position. Yet.
Giving it a try!

We got out and enjoyed the sunshine on a short walk.

I painted our toenails and then promptly covered them with sock because it's cold.

Mina has started to wear 6 month onesies, they fit so well in the sleeve.  Not so much in the body.

Mina on the train, she loved looking at all the people!

I was making our bed and I set Mina on the ground, surrounded by pillows.  Then this happened:

She slid under the pillows until all I could see was her little eye!  She was fine.  I promise.
Some sketchy ideas for Mina's Easter dress and cardigan. Mina took a long nap this week and I was able to get a really good start on her dress.
Stitching the bodice
An Instagram-ified picture of her almost finished dress.  We had a fitting earlier, I had some issues with the sleeves and the shoulders and the skirt.  It looked a little like a Seventies Pioneer baby!  NOT the look I was going for!

We established that skirt was too long and needed a grow tuck or two.  I love her little dress!
I love taking pictures of us in the bathroom mirror, Mina LOVES looking at herself!  This is also a good documentation that I really do put some effort into my appearance sometimes.

We were wishing for warm weather, Mina has some really cute outfits! The ruffled shorts are ridiculously cute!

And one last picture, Mina stuck both of her legs through the slats.  She thought it was really funny.