Saturday, May 31, 2014

False Alarm

A week ago Thursday (the 22nd) James and I went to the hospital because I was having contractions. They were a minute long, every five minutes and they had been happening regularly for over an hour. I was so uncomfortable by the time we got to the hospital. While they were asking me questions in triage I started crying because it hurt so much. 

At this point I was 38 weeks and 4 days, dilated to a 4. The nurse told me the hospital's policy for Moms before 39 weeks, if I didn't show progress I would be sent home. She checked me and determined that I was still a 4.  I was surprised and disappointed that all that pain seemed to be for nothing. She monitored my contractions which had increased to every two minutes. She sent us out to walk the halls to encourage my body along. Walking at this point in my pregnancy was challenging. My hips were painfully loose and my thigh muscles would spasm. Despite this pain we walked for an hour. 

A little while before midnight we returned to the exam room. I laid down and waited to be examined again. It felt so good to lay down I almost didn't notice that the contractions had stopped. The nurse checked me again, I was still at a 4 so we went home.
I felt like we were walking a walk of shame when we exited the ER. I was so disappointed and I felt bad that it was so late. We got home around 1AM. I was pretty down the rest of the weekend. I was doubting myself and my ability to discern labor. Our bodies are so weird sonetimes.