Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Shower

Last Saturday my aunts, my sister and my Mom threw me a baby shower.  It was a lot of fun and it was well attended, for a Saturday in the summer (it's always a challenge!)  Hilary spearheaded the decorations with help from Pinterest.  She did a GREAT job, especially since she arrived from Vegas earlier that day.  She is seriously amazing.

I didn't take any pictures at the shower itself so I might add more when we visit my parents.  If I remember.  Until then, enjoy the pictures from right before the shower started!

Cute banner

Treat table

ADORABLE dresser with some of the gifts on top

Hil even decorated the window sill
A close up of the photo
I've spent the past two weeks working at the Lyric (thank you overhire) and working on The Marvelous Wonderettes for Midvale Arts.  It has been exhausting but nice to have a lot to do.  My next doctor's appointment is on July 5th, I'll be 34 weeks!  This pregnancy is going by so fast!

I had a cuh-razy experience on Monday night.  I was laying in bed and I could feel Mina kicking.  I put my hand on my stomach and I could feel her foot.  Her FOOT.  It was so creepy/incredible/unnerving/amazing/exciting that I can't really explain it.  It was just another experience that is reminding me how close Motherhood is getting.  I really hope we're ready!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

32 weeks!

I had a routine appointment this morning, the first of my every two weeks instead of every month check ups. I mentioned that I had been feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks recently (especially yesterday) but they weren't regular nor did they intensify.  After Dr. Kirkman examined me he said (approximately) "The good news is that your cervix is closed but the baby is already pretty low.  I'd say you are about 25% effaced.  I think you'll probably have this baby a few weeks early."  He talked to me about paying attention to the symptoms and to call if I start feeling actual contractions.  I don't know how early Mina will come but it sounds like we might have a July baby and not have an August baby!
It was sort of surreal to hear that she will most likely come early (and not just from my Mom who has been saying it for months.)  If Mina is 3 weeks early then we'll have a baby in 5 WEEKS.  That is just over a month, folks.  That is sort of crazy.

I'm not going to post another bump picture because I personally don't really like them.  I figure I posted enough on this blog already.  I just hope I don't regret it later on.  Oh well!

Monday, June 4, 2012

30 weeks!

I had an appointment on Wednesday at 29 weeks.  It was my last monthly appointment, now I'll go every two weeks.  It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is going by so fast!  My appointment was "extra fun" because I had to drink the dreaded glucose drink to check for gestational diabetes.  I guess I was nervous about it because I hardly slept at all the night before.  The drink was tolerable but not tasty by any means.  It tasted like flat, thick orange soda.  For someone who doesn't drink pop often, it was a lot to swallow.  An hour later they drew my blood and ran tests.  (Quick side story.  The phlebotomists at the Lodge are AMAZING.  It hardly hurts when they poke and I hardly bruise afterwards.  My past experience hasn't been great so I'm really happy about the experiences I've had at the Lodge.)  After that I had my regular appointment with Dr. Kirkman.  Everything looked good, I've been really fortunate.  He did warn me about being too "good natured" in terms of pains and discomfort.  He told me to pay attention to the pain, especially when the Braxton Hicks turn into real contractions.  I realize I have a little while longer until that will happen but I'm sure it will happen before I know it!

The office called a few days later to say that my levels looked good; no gestational diabetes or anemia.  But, there were trace amounts of Strep so I'm taking antibiotics now.  It's a much better outcome than it could have been!  I might post another bump picture later this week.  I would do it now but I don't look cute because I haven't gotten ready for the day yet.  Speaking of clothes, last weekend we went to the Gap Outlet store in Riverdale. (Since when is OGDEN the place to go?  They get the first Sephora in JC Penney and now the only Gap north of Salt Lake?  Weird!!!)  I was told to visit by my lovely friends, Jenny and Caroline, who both scored major deals when they visited.  I was NOT disappointed.

They don't carry maternity at their store but they did have a lot of blousy tops and tunics.  I bought them in a larger size, added a belt and they WORK!  I bought:
  1. A long blue t-shirt (I need to add elastic to ruche the sides, I'll do that today)
  2. A silver braided belt
  3. Pink and brown dotted tunic
  4. White and blue dotted tunic with pin tucks (my FAVORITE top!)
  5. Hot pink and black sports bra
The most "expensive" item was the sports bra but it was only $10 so it hardly broke the bank.  The shirts were $2 for the tee and $3 each for the other two.  I think the belt was $5 or $6.   I was so happy to get so much for so little.  I seriously felt like my amazing sister, Hilary, queen of bargain shopping.