Friday, August 22, 2014

Two Years and Two Months

Earlier this month I took the kids to the doctor for their check ups. Mina turned two a few weeks after Magnus turned two months. We split the difference for their well child check ups. 
They both did really well, even when it came to their shots. Mina held my hand and flinched when she got her shot. She didn't even cry! I was pleasantly surprised. Magnus screamed the whole time but calmed down after I fed him. Both kids are looking and sounding good. Mina had a runny nose for a little while but didn't have any other signs of a cold. Her doctor recommended an OTC allergy medicine and it cleared it up. Looks like Mina got allergies in the genetic lottery. Sorry kid. 
As you can see our kids are extremely different in the rate they grow. Magnus will probably out weigh Mina by the time he is one! If not sooner!
I'm grateful our kids are healthy and mostly happy. Mina is learning new things almost everyday, her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds as well. Magnus is smiling and on the verge of giggling. He is stronger as well, his head hardly wobbles any more. 
We are incredibly blessed. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Magnus' Blessing Day

Magnus was blessed on July 6th, his first day in church. I was anxious to get back to church and he seemed healthy so we did it. I made his outfit and James blessed him in Sacrament meeting. We had brunch at our house after church. 
I took some pictures with my camera, I need to upload them on our computer. Where does the time go? Oh, right, kids. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Month!

Admittedly, this post is late by over a month. I didn't take a picture with a sign the way I did with Mina. Now that Magnus is two months old I think that ship may have sailed. 

By the time Magnus was a month old he was already bursting out of his newborn sized clothes. He had moved on to 0-3 sized clothes and size 1 diapers. 

He would wake up twice at night to eat and he would eat every three hours during the day. 
He started to show his personality and for his sake I hope he is patient. After all, he has Mina for a big sister:
He was given a name and a blessing on July 6th by his Dad. We are so lucky to have James in our lives!
Magnus' blessing outfit was based on a vintage pattern I picked up at a Relief Society activity. I altered the size as well as turning the shirt into a onesie. 
I used cotton sateen for the shirt/onesie and seersucker for the overalls. 
We love our little guy!