Thursday, May 14, 2015

That time I bought some baby shoes

When I was pregnant with Mina I joined a group on a website for mothers who were also expecting babies in August 2012. As time went by a portion of the group broke off and formed a group on Facebook.  Since then many more babies have been born and we have grown close as a group.  
One of the moms posted this:

Lindsay, how much could I pay you to drive to Provo on Thursday for the Freshly Picked warehouse sale??

Initially, I wasn't so sure about driving to Utah County with the kids for a crazy warehouse sale for some baby shoes.  James was working nights so he wouldn't be available to watch the kids. It just seemed like a massive hassle. Then a few other moms joined in the conversation and offered to PayPal the money for the shoes. A few text messages later and my sister agreed to babysit while I braved the sale.
 The line was pretty long when I arrived close to 6:45. The store front was really cute in an older, industrial part of town.

The line snaked around from the back of the building to the to side to the front.  I wished I had someone with me, it was kind of boring to wait! Plus, it was COLD.
 Groups of 50 were let into the sale area for "10 minutes" to shop.  It ended up being a lot longer than 10 minutes per 50 but luckily, there was plenty of stock available.
 The moccasins were divided by size and color into bins. This made shopping really easy! I had a list from three Moms in my group with their color preferences.
Magnus' shoes are on the left, the other other pairs were going to Moms in California, Washington and Virginia.
The really cute main area of their offices. Look at all those adorable shoes!

Magnus' pair, up close.

He fell asleep during Relief Society and he looked so cute, I had to take a picture. His shoes stay on his feet really well but they have scuffed quite a bit.