Saturday, May 19, 2012


I think I have figured out what I am going to do with the cute fabric I bought almost two weeks ago.  I am going to make a quilt!
Granted, I need to buy more fabric but I have the dimensions marked out and I figured out how big the squares and rectangles need to be.  I hope I can find a nice green fabric to go with the pink patterned fabric and a brown that coordinates with the brown in the pattern.  It was kind of fun to make up a quilt pattern on the computer using Paint (because it is still 1995...) I took the idea for the quilt from this quilt on Pinterest:
I wanted to add a little bit more interest with the small squares and I wanted to use more of the pink patterned fabric.  That is one thing that I love about sewing, as long as you are logical, you can do whatever you want.  Within reason, of course.

Now the hunt begins to find the rest of the fabric.  I think I'll go to Bernina this time around because it's much closer than Suppose.  And the ladies there are SO nice.  Not like the rude people that work at JoAnn's...

I'll keep "you" posted with my progress.

This could be interesting because I have only ever made one other quilt in my life and two pieced projects.  The quilt was a tee shirt quilt that I cobbled together out of high school and early college era shirts that I loved but no longer wore.  It turned out fairly good.  It's warm and it hasn't fallen apart, yet.  The pieced projects were a pillow I made in 4H (I got a blue ribbon for it!) and a sampler that I never did finish.  The sampler was started in a neighborhood quilting class I took with my Mom years ago.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have a license so it was more than 12 years ago.  With that out in the open I should say that I am pretty competent and I CAN sew a straight line.  That's all this quilt will be, straight lines.

I'll do my best!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Last Monday I went on an adventure to Suppose, an adorable fabric store in Preston, Idaho.  

Welcome to IDAHO!

It was totally worth the drive because I found both of these fabrics on clearance.  

 Initially I was going to make some maternity tops out of them but after laying both out on our couch I thought about using them in Mina's room.  I should say eventual room because I'm not sure where we will be in August.  I love how they look together, especially in real life, as opposed to sample pictures on web sites.

My Suppose spoils.  I made a shirt out of the cream and blue fabric.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.
The other cog in the machine is this painting:
The Cradle by Berthe Morisot

Obviously not the actual painting, that is in the Musee D'Orsay but a rather subpar reproduction I bought on a whim years ago.  I've loved this painting since I was in 3rd grad and maybe someday I will post a picture of my 3rd grade version.  It's pretty funny because I used crayons and a pencil.  I remember trying so hard to get the colors right, it was a good thing I always had a massive supply of crayons.  No basic pack for this girl!

Anyway, I'm not sure if they go together concept-wise.  Art deco and impressionist?  I'm not really sure.

Something I AM sure about?  How crazy these pants are:
I found this MATERNITY pattern in the Burda pattern book at Jo-Ann's.  I was looking for a cute top pattern but I had no luck.  Apparently pattern makers think that pregnant women want to dress like older ladies, in flowy tops that tent with ugly handkerchief hems.  No thank you!

Last week James cleaned out our dishwasher.  He is such a champ.  It was starting to smell and the dishes seemed dirtier after a wash cycle.  Gross.  While he was working he decided to take the front piece off the bottom to vacuum underneath.  He found a screw driver under there!  We figured it belonged to Darryl so James put it in the shop.  It was pretty funny to see James pull it out.
Is it weird that I miss being able to lay on my stomach?  I totally do.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Way to go Dr. Armstrong!

On Monday my Mom texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Vegas that weekend. She and my Dad were going to for Josh's graduation from dental school. It's hard to believe that it has been four years since my sister and her family moved to Vegas. It's been a bumpy road for them, from Hilary's complicated pregnancy with Avery to to losing Josh's Mom to cancer, they have been through a lot! Add that on top of the stress and hard work of dental school. Josh and Hilary are AMAZING!

When they left for Nevada their family was comprised of two, with one on the way. Now they have two adorable kids and a new adventure in Illinois. It will be hard to have them so far away but it is a great opportunity for them.

Congratulations, Josh! (and Hilary!)