Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magnus' First Birthday

We celebrated Magnus' birthday the Sunday after he turned one. We "celebrated" his actual birthday with a doctor's appointment complete with a blood draw and shots. Sorry, kid!
I made Magnus' "Magnus" banner with card stock and ribbon. I realized he needed a name banner a week or so before his birthday. 
The day before his birthday, Mags had his 1 year check up. 
He's kind of a small kid but he's growing and hitting his milestones. He started walking around 10 1/2 months. 

Back to the party...
I made this banner last year for a baby shower; I think it works for any party. 
We had Cafe Rio style sweet pork with sides. Our kitchen seems so much bigger when the table is pushed in the corner!
We decorated the backyard with lanterns, honeycombs and tissue paper pompoms. I was glad that I held on to the pompoms from last year!

Melanie made another incredible cake that tasted as good as it looked. I wasn't sure about a "theme" for the party so I just focused on colors. 
I found a few pictures that I liked and then tried to combine it into a design. To say that Melanie delivered would be an understatement, she knocked it out of the park! She made meringue clouds and coated them with luster dust. It was amazing!
Magnus opened his presents after we ate dinner. 

Magnus wasn't so sure about the candle. 
Luckily, he had help. 

The top layer was a smash cake so we let the birthday boy have at it. 
Woofie Facetimed with Hilary:
He got into it a little bit more. 
Unfortunately, he decided after a few bites to dump his entire cake on the ground. I was a little premature when I took off his outfit. 

The next day was James' birthday. I had upgraded his name banner so I swapped out the names. 
We celebrated with a strawberry rhubarb pie, as per tradition. 
I attempted to get creative with our large collection of cookie cutters. 
The crust was seriously flakey, just look at it!
We went to Home Depot and bought ceiling fans. They have been WONDERFUL!