Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 Months Old!

It is really hard to believe that Mina is already 8 months old, every month seems to pass faster and faster!
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 15.8 pounds
Diaper: Size 2 and holding steady!
Clothes: She wears mainly 6 month sized clothes now, there are still a few 3-6 month cardigans and pajamas in rotation. We are sad to say goodbye to few pairs of pajamas that are too small, especially her leopard print pajamas from Christmas!
Sleep: Her bedtime ranges from 7:30-8:00 most nights.  There have been a few times that she has gone to bed closer to 7:00 but that usually only happens if she didn't get a good afternoon nap.  Mina usually wakes up around 8:00.  There are usually one or two feedings during those 12 or so hours.  She usually takes 2-3 naps a day.
Noises: "Ma ma ma" and "da da da" are pretty common but not really directed at anyone in particular.  She also jabbers a lot and screams to get attention.
Teeth: Mina finally cut her first tooth, bottom left side.  We've tried to take a picture of it but she hasn't cooperated yet.
Skills: Mina has become a rolling machine lately! She pivots and then scoots on her back to her desired destination.  It's pretty funny to watch her move.  Mina has also started to pull herself up by grabbing on her crib.  She hasn't figured out how to pull herself into a sitting position though.  I think as soon as she can do that, we are going to have to break out the baby proofing supplies!

I made Mina's romper out of leftover fabric from one of my dresses.  I wore it to Jordan and Lindsey's reception.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter! Hair! Pictures! More pictures than your blog has room for!

I realized after I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my phone that I probably should have divided this into a couple of different posts rather than cram it all into one. Meh.
First up, Mina isn't crawling yet, but she is on the move.
Notice her position on the rug, not the awkward arching of her back but her location.

She would arch her back, scoot along her head and then roll over.
Obviously it didn't hurt because she was so happy her arms were just blurs.
She has been experimenting with balancing.  She balanced long enough that I was able to take a picture with my phone. 

Her hair is growing in, slowly but surely.  It is surprisingly blonde!  I tried putting a baby clip in but it just looked weird. 

We celebrated Easter with James' side of the family.  We alternate Sunday dinners and they wound up with it this year.  I put a basket together for Mina.  I put her outfit in the basket along with banana puffs, tights, socks, baby toothpaste and a gum cleaner. I figure she won't remember it so it doesn't matter that the contents were kind of lame.  Oh well!

Mina lasted a few minutes in Relief Society/Priesthood and we wound up in the Mother's Room.

She fell asleep after a little while.

But after a short nap she was ready to hear her Grandparents speak in Sacrament Meeting!
After church we took some pictures of Mina outside on the grass.  We didn't take any with my camera beforehand because its a challenge enough to be on time to church at 9 o'clock.  Luckily Mina's dress wasn't really wrinkled even though she took a few naps in it.
 Mina wouldn't put her arms down, we think she doesn't like how the grass feels!

 Mina and her funny Dad!
 We had fun throwing Mina in the air.  She liked it too!
 This one is great of Mina, not so great of me.  Oh well!
 Fun with Dad!
 And last up, two funny pictures of Mina.  I took them on Monday when we were playing in her room.
 I don't know what this face is called, she does it quite a bit.  It's really funny!
And Mina's cute smile!